30 Seconds of Hope

Trevor Cole   September 12, 2015   Comments Off on 30 Seconds of Hope

Book trailers are fun to do and some are enjoyable to watch. I think the chief attribute of a good book trailer is brevity. So here is a very short one for Hope Makes Love:  Thanks to Alessandra Ferreri for her initial idea, and to Valerie Cole for her terrific narration.  … Read more »

The Launch is Coming

Trevor Cole   September 1, 2015   Comments Off on The Launch is Coming

This is a pretty exciting time in any author’s life. Particularly so for me, because it’s been five years since the last time I published a book. I’m a bit out of practice. But come Sept. 5 it happens. And then it’s out of my hands, and the world will… Read more »

A Field Guide to the Narcissist

Trevor Cole   October 16, 2014   Comments Off on A Field Guide to the Narcissist

In September, 2014, I was interviewed by the lovely and empathetic Mary Hynes for CBC Radio’s Tapestry. The subject was my father, and what it was like to live with him, and be raised by him. It was rather different for me, to address this subject factually. Of course, I’d… Read more »

An eloquent defense of Government funding for the arts

Trevor Cole   October 8, 2014   Comments Off on An eloquent defense of Government funding for the arts

Actor Dave Lamb wrote this for Australians, in response to a Sydney Morning Herald article moaning about tax money being spent on “lazy” artists. We in Canada have heard those ridiculous arguments, usually spread by Conservatives bucking for the arts, and the careers of artists themselves, to live and die by… Read more »

Practical Jean makes the List!

Trevor Cole   September 30, 2014   Comments Off on Practical Jean makes the List!

Just got word that Practical Jean made the list of “100 Canadian Books To Read in a Lifetime” as determined by the great Canlit website 49thShelf.com. You can see the list here. Practical Jean comes in at number 32, which hereby becomes my favorite number. This happened on the same… Read more »

That Day in Yale

Trevor Cole   November 13, 2013   Comments Off on That Day in Yale

(This is the third of three posts on what we’ve dubbed the Leacock Road Trip — five men, four of them winners of the Leacock medal for humour (the other the curator of the Leacock Museum), transporting a portion of the ashes of a fifth winner to be distributed on… Read more »

Getting there

Trevor Cole   November 10, 2013   Comments Off on Getting there

The flight out of Toronto got off with a couple of hiccups. A security officer wanted to check my bag for something suspicious and when I opened it as she requested she rummaged around and then tapped a solid wooden box. Something in there was bothering her. I opened it… Read more »

Westward Whaa?

Trevor Cole   November 7, 2013   Comments Off on Westward Whaa?

There are questions on this November night. So many questions: What exactly is the weather right now in the Rocky Mountains? What do you pack when you’re going to meet W.P. Kinsella in Yale, BC? Does the van we’re taking to meet him have chains on its tires? Wait, I… Read more »

Save us from Awards Season

Trevor Cole   October 17, 2013   Comments Off on Save us from Awards Season

It comes between summer and winter. It is a time of stiffening winds, dying hopes and chilling glimpses of our (books’) mortality. It is a bitter time, ameliorated only by the promise of fleeting shafts of warm sunlight that we know, from experience, will fall through the clouds onto a… Read more »

Journey to a beginning

Trevor Cole   October 22, 2012   Comments Off on Journey to a beginning

We journey for different reasons, but they come down to one of two things I think: To get away, or to find. Sometimes it’s both. Six or seven months ago, I decided I needed to move away from the life I had toward something new. I was struggling to start… Read more »