“A novel of vivid emotional truths”
— The Globe and Mail

Hope Makes Love cover

Trevor Cole’s New Novel
About love, desperation and fear

Ex-baseball player Zep Baker wants his wife back. Young neuroscientist Hope Riopelle is the only one who can help.
Will she? … Why?
And what happens then?

With his award-winning touch, Trevor Cole has written a novel of great compassion and depth, taking an innovative approach to the brain-versus-heart debate that has been the material for philosophers, poets, dramatists, and novelists for centuries.

“Combining a clinical approach to love with the real thing — real passion, real tenderness — is a tricky thing, but Trevor Cole pulls it off magnificently. The characters in this dark, profound, contemporary novel learn the hard way that love is the only balm that can cure a damaged heart. What a moving, powerful work by a brilliant author.”
— Joseph Kertes, author of Gratitude and The Afterlife of Stars
Upcoming Events
The Hope Makes Love publicity tour will take Trevor to the following cities:
Hamilton — GritLit, April 9 2016
Simcoe County reading and workshop — April 17
KAMA Reading Series — April 27
Word On The Street - Toronto — Sept 25, 2016