Love cannot enter through a guarded perimeter.… It isn’t a battering ram. It doesn’t seep in through cracks like the smoke of siege fires. It comes in only through open doors, and only when invited.
Hope Riopelle
Hope Makes Love cover

Trevor Cole’s New Novel
About love, desperation and fear

Ex-baseball player Zep Baker wants his wife back. Young neuroscientist Hope Riopelle is the only one who can help.
Will she? … Why?
And what happens then?

With his award-winning touch, Trevor Cole has written a novel of great compassion and depth, taking an innovative approach to the brain-versus-heart debate that has been the material for philosophers, poets, dramatists, and novelists for centuries.

“Combining a clinical approach to love with the real thing — real passion, real tenderness — is a tricky thing, but Trevor Cole pulls it off magnificently. The characters in this dark, profound, contemporary novel learn the hard way that love is the only balm that can cure a damaged heart. What a moving, powerful work by a brilliant author.”
— Joseph Kertes, author of Gratitude and The Afterlife of Stars
Upcoming Events
The Hope Makes Love publicity tour will take Trevor to the following cities:
Toronto — Ben McNally Books 6 pm Sept 21
Toronto — Word on the Street Sept 27 — 2pm at the Great Books Marquee (Harbourfront)
Calgary — Wordfest, October 13, October 14
Vancouver — Vancouver Writer’s Festival, October 21, October 25
Victoria — Russell’s Books, October 27