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Can you feel the love?

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This is Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore. It has to be said, in the context of the current political realities, he is probably the best friend the Canadian arts community could ask for at the moment. A few days ago, in the wake of the government’s announced funding cuts to… Read more »

Nobody said this was going to be easy

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Nobody said this was going to be easy. And we knew that, right? Today it was announced that the Conservative Government of Canada cut funding to the Literary Press Group, thus severing one of the vital arms that get the books of independent Canadian publishers to retailers and readers.… Read more »

What to write

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What to Write? It’s the most obvious question for a writer, and the answer should be equally obvious: You write what you have to write. But sometimes it’s not so easy. I’ve written three novels, and yet before every new project, when I often have many ideas floating around in… Read more »

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I asked the supermarket produce man, “When did this corn come in?” After a pause he said, “I think it came in today.” Should I believe him? Would you? Small lies are so commonplace.