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That Day in Yale

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(This is the third of three posts on what we’ve dubbed the Leacock Road Trip — five men, four of them winners of the Leacock medal for humour (the other the curator of the Leacock Museum), transporting a portion of the ashes of a fifth winner to be distributed on… Read more »

Getting there

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The flight out of Toronto got off with a couple of hiccups. A security officer wanted to check my bag for something suspicious and when I opened it as she requested she rummaged around and then tapped a solid wooden box. Something in there was bothering her. I opened it… Read more »

Westward Whaa?

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There are questions on this November night. So many questions: What exactly is the weather right now in the Rocky Mountains? What do you pack when you’re going to meet W.P. Kinsella in Yale, BC? Does the van we’re taking to meet him have chains on its tires? Wait, I… Read more »